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The Gott Sex? Series is based on 7 Core Tools:

  1. Creating a new understanding about what sex is.
  2. Learning how to use the three skills of intimate conversation to bond with your partner and create continually higher levels of emotional connection.
  3. Building a “Sex Love Map” of your partner’s sexuality by asking them over 100 very specific questions about their inner sexual world.
  4. Creating a ritual for initiating and gently refusing sex.
  5. Creating a ritual for being able to comfortably talk about sex with one another.
  6. Communicating with one another during sex in an intimate, pleasing, very personal, and loving manner.
  7. Selecting fun, sexy things to do together from our “Salsa Card Deck.”
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Watch NOW online via streaming video


  • 90 minutes of footage in 9 Video modules designed to improve the passion, romance, and intimacy of your sex life.
  • 50 Pages of downloadable exercises for you and your partner to try, so you can practice what you learn.
  • A ton of bonus content that is focused on:
    • Emotional intelligence
    • Debunking myths about sex
    • Being a great listener
    • Articulating your exact feelings
    • Skills for having a great date… and more!

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Gott Sex Video Series

Gott Sex? Video Series – HARD COPY


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  • 9 video modules PLUS 115 pages of printed material with exercises couples can try in the comfort of their own home
  • Helps make sex more personal and meaningful
  • Gets couples communicating about sex in an open and effective way; provides tools to communicate about delicate issues
  • Interviews real people about their sex lives
  • Builds a ‘Sex Map’ for each partner
  • Teaches how to devise rituals for initiating and refusing sex
  • Suggests spicy, intimate and sexy activities and conversations